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10/29/2007: "The James Black Hat Is in Town!"
Well, the James Black Hat is actually here and on sale on the Bicycle Fixation website now.

It's available in black gabardine and olive hemp, and in medium and large. The medium fits up to about a size 7 (it's a smidgin tight on my 7¼ head), the large from a 6½ on up. We have very few of the olive hemps, very few of the larges, for right now, but will make more of each in the next run.

Don't have all the pictures I'd like, as the models won't be available for a week, but I nagged camera-shy Gina into posing, so you can see what they look like.

Features, thanks to our cyclist/architect James Black, a bit of extra loft--it is not a skullcap, but has room for hair, even thick curly hair, even a short Afro. The bit of loft also means you can:
  1. Keep warmer in winter and cooler in summer than with a beanie,
  2. Have long or thick hair, and
  3. Pull it down over your ears when it's cold (unless you have REALLY thick hair)
Still fits under a helmet if you wear helmets. Great for you far- north cyclists!

Changes from James's design (which you will have seen a few months ago) include a shortened brim (so you can use it with drop bars) and a stiffener made of two layers of heavy hemp canvas instead of the normal cardboard (so you can fold it and even wash it).

The brim folds up cycling-cap style, though it takes a wee bit more fussing than with a Campy hat.

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