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10/25/2007: "Coming Up Next"
Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up: we will be sewing up a new batch of the Classic Wool Knickers in a week or so, and should have them on hand by the middle of November if not sooner. This is a good time to check your inventories and make sure you have enough for the coming cooler weather and the holidays.

Other news:
The James Black hat is in our hands now, and should be on our website within a week. It's available in medium or large, has room for hair, and has a fold-up brim stiffened with hemp canvas, making it washable (handwash or dryclean). Black wool gabardine with a very very few in olive hemp. Keep an eye on our website or blog.

The over-the-knee knicker socks are still being knitted by The Sock Guy, but they are in production at last. We hope to have news of pricing and availability soon. They will be available in S/M and L/XL in dark charcoal, and S/M in olive. There should be plenty of stock.

We are testing the Hemp Touring Short, which we plan to release in early spring. So far so good--the most comfortable short we've worn, period. Room for Andiamos or regular bike shorts underneath, as with all our pants products. Color will be charcoal. This is a hemp twill, different from the Hemp City Knickers, tougher but with a good drape. Will probably have a small external cell phone (or wrench or knife or money clip) pocket.
Things we hope to offer next year:
Our sunskin/baselayer all-weather merino jersey.

Our dress jersey

Possibly a seersucker riding shirt with a bicycle-specific cut and a zipper instead of buttons.
All good stuff to make your bicycling better....

Stay tuned!

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