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10/01/2007: "The Bicycle Fixation Great Bike Rack Hunt Is On!"
Riding a bicycle for transportation inevitably means having to park your bike while you shop, dine, visit, work, or play, and in this car-addled world, especially in the US, that often means a parking meter, signpost, fence, or tree serves as your parking structure.

More and more cities and businesses worldwide, however, are making an effort to accommodate those of us who travel using the world's most efficient machine, and some of the resulting facilities are wonderful...while many are not.

In order to explore what's out there for keeping our beloved velos safe while they await our return, we have decided to hold the Bicycle Fixation Great Bike Rack Contest. We are asking you, our readers, to go out into your city and photograph what you think is the finest bike parking rack you can find (as well as the worst!) These must be intentional bike racks, installed specifically for bicycle parking.

If you think you've seen the best (or worst) in bike rack design and placement, read through the details below, take your picture, and follow the submission directions at the URL below. Pictures will be judged by a panel of experts in urban design, architecture, and bicycle transportation, and by popular vote of our readership, and three winners will be rewarded with Bicycle Fixation products!

Enter the Bicycle Fixation Great Bike Rack Contest!

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