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08/04/2007: "Bicycle Bell Ensemble in the News"
Looks like the Bicycle Bell Ensemble, of which your Bicycle Fixation staff are members, has made the indy news at least. Here's a quote from paperthinwalls' article and interview about BBE:
The BBE’s first performance was in May 2007 as part of the group show Origin Is The Goal, curated by Darin Klein. Klein called the BBE part of "the forefront of artists raising a new social consciousness which is tied into environmentalism as well as community," and pointed out utilitarianism as one of their strengths. "They literally ride their instruments, not just to gigs but to work, school, and anywhere else they need or want to go. The music they make is like a collection of random bicycle bells resounding across L.A.'s urban sprawl that coalesces into an actual scored piece of music."
Read the entire article at paperthinwalls.

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