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07/11/2007: "Hemp & Wool Knickers In Stock Now"
Just letting you all know that we are now fully stocked in hemp and wool knickers and have nearly caught up on backorders. We will have plenty of hemp knickers, but the inventory of wool gabardines is a little thin, so if wool's your bag, order now. Obtaining the materials and scheduling a factory takes time and money, and we are small, so we do go into backorder from time to time.

We have a new batch of gabardine for the wool knickers, and it is truly fine stuff which we got at the same price as the earlier charcoal material; we have also improved the thread itself and the stitching patterns, and our sewing contractor found some new subcontractors who do noticeably better work than the former crew. (This applies to the new hemp knickers as well, of course.)

We are also working on a hemp touring short design, and struggling mightily to find a crew to make the James Black hat...but that's not so certain. It will happen, someday--just can't say when.

So if you want to ride and style at the same time, keep checking in on us. We're out to make bicycling better, and better looking!

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