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04/14/2007: "Coming Soon: Hemp City Knickers & More!"
Yes, we finally received the first shipment of hemp/Tencel blend fabric for testing the design of our new Hemp City Knickers!

Hemp requires little water and no pesticides, and the industrial hemp comes from a different variety of cannabis from the cannabis sativa of hippie fame, and does NOT contain THC, which will please some of you and disappoint others, I am sure. Industrial hemp is famously rugged--think clipper ship rigging and sails. By itself it may be a bit too rugged for wearing, but blended with Tencel (technical name is lyocell), it is a delight.

Tencel is a synthetic made of wood--NOT petroleum--and while a solvent is used in its manufacture, the solvent is recaptured and recycled almost endlessly. (Furthermore, the incentive to recycle the solvent is largely economic for manufacturers, so you don't have to count on them being good souls; they'll do it anyway!) It is far less damaging to the environment than any petroleum-based synthetic, and feels cottony while having wool-like perspiration-handling characteristics.

The cut itself will be less formal than that of our Classic Wool Knickers, but still elegant and practical for both on- and off-bike wear. And we should be able to keep the price below $100, as with our gabardine model.

Keep your eyes on this space for announcements.

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