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02/11/2007: "Get Your Guts in Gear"
Those of you who have read Beth Hamon's article on "Bicycling, Health, and America" know that she is a dedicated trasportational rider despite suffering from Crohn's Disease, a chronic intestinal condition with no present cure.

Next August, Beth will be embarking on what will be a challenging ride for a chronically-ill person: a 210-mile, three day charity spin supporting research into Crohn's and other associated conditions--there's a whole constellation of debilitating intestinal diseases, some of them quite drastic, and any contributions will go directly to research on Crohns' disease, chronic colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal and colon cancer, and others.

It's called the "Get Your Guts in Gear" Ride, and I've already sent them some money.

To read more about Beth's effort, and to make a donation of your own if you wish, go to:

Beth Hamon #S-15

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