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01/03/2007: "Another Carfree Story...."
This time from Richmond-Wayne County in Indiana, wehre Mark Stosberg discovered, almost accidentally, that he could not only live without his car, but live better without it. In his words:
I can pinpoint the first time my car failed to start and I got along fine without it. I can't recall the moment I knew I was comfortable with my decision. It's like trying to recall the moment relaxation begins. Sometimes there is an instant release, but more often then is only an awakening, with the realization that you've drifted to somewhere pleasant and have been there a while. That's what my transition was like.

When I awoke, a surprising transformation had happened. I found that my greatest fear, that of losing my freedom, was unfounded. Not only was it unfounded, it was completely wrong.

Getting around under my own power provided a sense of freedom and control far greater than driving my car ever did. I felt alive and connected. When the weather changed, I noticed.
To read the complete article, go to Why I Traded In my Car for a Bike.

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