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12/16/2006: "In Stitches...."
I spoke to the sewing factory yesterday, and they are humming along on the Knicker Project, they said. They wouldn't commit to a finish date, but they strongly implied I'd have knickers in hand by the weekend of the 23rd, maybe sooner, if all went well. So I'm going to start addressing labels and hope for the best. (Packages will go Priority Mail for domestic shipment, and that's pretty quick.)

So those of you who have ordered knickers, you may expect them before the end of the year--unless I run out of your color and size, and you ordered late; but in that case I'll still have them to you by early February.

And if you have no idea what this posting is about, let me tell you that elegance is returning to the bicycle rider, and soon you won't have to look like a slob or a geek when you ride your bike to work or the store or a night out or a friend's house, because the Classic Wool Knickers are coming!

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