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11/20/2006: "Knicker Knews Knumber 12"
Received some feedback from the buyers of the fit samples, and it was pretty gratifying: the knickers work! Here's a couple of quotes:
I wore them last night in high 20s, riding today in low 20s and then high 40s, and all day inside at work. They felt so light I was worried I might get cold but I never did. ... The fit is great. The elastic was tight at first, but once it got stretched out they fit perfectly. ... The front pockets are nice. Keys don't slide out when I sit down and I can ride with my phone in my pocket and not worry about it. (A.B.)

I think mine are wonderful. I went out today and bought a pair of light ski socks to go with them, and with my lightweight merino wool pullover, altered to have a standup zip collar, I will be the most fashionable, and probably among the most comfortable, cyclists in town. (P.M.)

Got the knickers on Sat and took them for a test ride this morning. The fabric is sensational and feels nice. ... The waist was just right and I like the elastic (although I think they would look good being held up by suspenders too). (J.L.)
A couple of tiny adjustments, then we cut and sew. I'll open the purchase page on this website at the end of the month or just a little after. Keep checking in!

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