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11/15/2006: "Knicker Knews Knumber 11"
More knicker knews:

Picked up the "duplicates," as they're called, last night, and dropped them off at the dry cleaners to set them to size. (Even dry cleaning shrinks fabrics a little.) Two will go out to members of the focus group who have the appropriate waist size for final testing, and one will head over to Fixed Gear Gallery for a review. (Sure hope they like 'em!)

The originals in crappy wool twill which I was wearing performed beautifully in the chaotic rush-hour traffic on the ride home from Downtown (add oblivious drivers to darkness to Third-World quality paving, and you get the idea....), as they always have...and now I have my gabardine fit sample back, so I can start wearing the almost-real thing again! (The pocket angle is slightly off on the fit samples.)

So not too long now before elegance returns to bicycle commuting, folks! There'll be no reason to leave your steed in the garage just because you have to look nice when you get where you're going.

So you get to ride more, and the world gets to breathe more. Nice, ain't it?

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