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10/26/2006: "Knicker Knews Knumber 8"
Left the office blissfully early and rode downtown to the garment district for a meeting with the owner of the little factory that will produce the first couple of runs of our Updated Classic Wool Knickers. I had been planning to hop on the subway with the bike, actually, to avoid getting all sweaty on the hills of Sunset Boulevard, but the air was so sweet and the light so golden I rode all the way in. After all, I don't have to take Sunset; it's just the scenic route. So I ran down Vermont to Wilshire and then into downtown that way.

I'm rarely there on a weekday, and it was fun to see bicycles everywhere, and at least half of them fixies, presumably from the downown messenger bunch. Once at the building, on Ninth off Broadway, I dragged poor Satchmo (my Fuji fix) into the elevator, retrieved the patterns from the Melanie the pattern-maker, and went across the hall to see Lanana, who owns a little sewing factory.

Everything went very well. Costs may be slightly higher than I'd hoped for the first few necessarily small production runs, but I still will be able to get very close to my $85.00 price point. Maybe even meet it, though I won't know for sure till I price the cloth itself. I will do that Tuesday, and, if all goes well, we'll have the test sample by Friday. Which means more pictures by Sunday, I hope.

Then will come some samples to send out to select members of the focus group. (Selected by waist size, actually.) And, with luck, production late next month?

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